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Thursday, August 21, 2014

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Hey look!  it’s not a text post!  :DThis will probably required some explaining:The ever so awesome ToastyHat has challenged the fandom to an AU creation… thingAnd this is my creation!  thing.It’s actually a spin on 2 of the suggested AU’s-  Glassbent and Desertbound,  resulting in a…*dun dun duuuuun(e)*Hourglass AU..!  :DThe story goes something like this-After the game is won by the players, the dream bubbles burst, and all the dead players are relocated to an hourglass, which contains all the dead players of every session ever played.(kinda like a cosmic trashcan)When the hourglass flips it creates something like the vast glub which kills everyone permanently.(emptying the trashcan)Now, focusing on Tavros Aradia and Vriska-Since Aradia wasn’t really dead to begin with, she kept her session’s time-powers. (I haven’t figured out how she managed to get in the hourglass but..  w/e.  she’s there)Now somewhere along the way, Vriska managed to permanently kill Sollux (sending him into the giant vortex in the middle maybe, idk), in which point Aradia separated from the rest of the gang, and turned into an evil Desert Queen, commanding carapaces and other dead players,Her whole reason for staying there being to keep Vriska alive for her to torture which she does by delaying the hourglass flip with her timey powers.[she did offer Tavros a chance to join her but he chose to stay with Vriska and become increasingly hot]So now Vriska and Tavros are on the run, being badasses while Aradia tries to capture them and kick ass at being queen.—So basically- * Everyone is hot (literally)* Everyone is trying to kill everyone* Everyone gets a new hairstyle  (hairbound?)And this AU is yours if you want it..!I’m probably not going to do much with it anyways, why don’t you guys have fun :)*and btw, all of the above is just what’s happening on the top part of the hourglass,  so you can p much come up with whatever you want for the bottom part :)

Hey look!  it’s not a text post!  :D

This will probably required some explaining:
The ever so awesome ToastyHat has challenged the fandom to an AU creation… thing
And this is my creation!  thing.

It’s actually a spin on 2 of the suggested AU’s-  Glassbent and Desertbound,  resulting in a…
*dun dun duuuuun(e)*
Hourglass AU..!  :D

The story goes something like this-

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Just finished watching all of Gravity Falls! :D

1. How great is Wendy?
2. I love the continuity in the show- they remember everything :D
3. How. great. is. WENDY
4. Also love the codes at the end of each episode
5. The whole ‘Bill Cipher’ riddle is freaking sweet (Wendy’s the ice cream right?)
7. My theory for the identity of the author-

Future Dipper.
(that traveled back in time for a yet unknown reason)

And I freaking love Wendy like seriously she’s just the best character ever.

Pretty sure that if someone removed all the clothing/food descriptions from ASOIAF the books would lose about half their volume.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

kalthwell replied to your post: After 3 long years,And an unfortunate …


alchemic-rose replied to your post: After 3 long years,And an unfortunate …

*thunderous applause

Thank you..!  THANK YOU..!!

But really, it wasn’t just me up there- I wanna thank our amazing writer, mr George R. R. Martin, for his amazing words and lengthy descriptions of what everyone was wearing/eating at all times.

I also want to thank Amazon, for creating my Kindle-  couldn’t have made it through my late night readings without your backlight- you guys rock! 

And finally, I wanna thank my family, for constantly bothering me at the best parts without any regard to my personal request for silence.

It was a team effort guys, and look at us-  WE MADE IT!!  :D

After 3 long years,
And an unfortunate re-read of the most boring part of the books,
I can finally say-



For shtuts!

WHOAAAAA„,..!!!!!Aw man, thank you so much..!!  :D


For shtuts!

Aw man, thank you so much..!!  :D

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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Aw..  Robin Williams…  :’(

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


My kazoo post got 15 likes, but then I looked again and it was 14.

Someone unliked my kazoo :(


It’s back to 15!!

My kazoo post got 15 likes, but then I looked again and it was 14.

Someone unliked my kazoo :(

Hey guy, I got a very important update:

I now own a KAZOO.

That is all.

Monday, August 11, 2014

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SYLPHEE :DI thought you might like a Linky mcShouty Pants.Because, well…   who wouldn’t?


I thought you might like a Linky mcShouty Pants.
Because, well…   who wouldn’t?

Sunday, August 10, 2014


Friday, August 8, 2014

Finally got an ETA on the internet thing.

Friday afternoon.

This is a terrible week..

Wednesday, August 6, 2014



So the internet issue is some kind of infrastructure thing.

No ETA for a fix.


What are the symptoms, I might be able to help

Thanks but it’s more of a regional hardware issue. The internet people are working on it :)

I hope.. :(

Tuesday, August 5, 2014