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Ask/submit bug is now fixed- AND I can still hide my text posts/asks from the main page

Thursday, April 24, 2014

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why do people sometimes reblog and add one letter?  Like sometimes I’ll see reblogs on my dash: <url> reblogged your post: <blah> and added “g”


Just found 2 great songs for Rosemary shippers:

Strange and Beautiful by Aqualung (from Kanaya’s POV)
Venus by Sleeping At Last (from Rose’s POV)

I don’t think I can make lyricstuck(s) from them, but I think they could make lovely twin pieces.
This should be fun :)

Ok I figured out why I’ve been having issues with the ask/submit pages
Thing is- I dun wanna fix it :\

GGaR is open for guest strips and I’m torn  :’<

I already did 2 in the past so I really should sit it out but..then again-

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Anonymous asked:
phew, I was worried about you. it didn't register that binged is an actual word, I just thought binged=googled for weird people

Not to worry anon,
My searches are in safe hands 

Sunday, April 20, 2014
Anonymous asked:
are you implying that you seriously use bing?

HOW DARE YOU..!!  D’:<


(hehe nah, binged just means I saw it in 1 sitting)
pft..  ”bing”..
like that’s ever gonna happen

Vriski doodleI don&#8217;t draw Vriska enough

Vriski doodle

I don’t draw Vriska enough

jynkyz replied to your post: So..  I just got a message on dA …

Don’t do it. Its a scam. They pay minimal amount, make bank on your art through calendars and other items. No royalties for you. Scams like that have been targeting da artists for years.

Ohhh thank you!!
Offer declined then :)

Saturday, April 19, 2014

So..  I just got a message on dA from a German group who makes  fantasy themed calendars,  something kinda low-key as far as I gather,

And they asked for my permission to use 1/some of my works there.
They can’t pay (much surprise) but they’ll send a free copy of the calendar (plus, it’s an existing work so..  no free labor I guess? idk)

This is the site they sent me-

Anyone heard of them/knows if this is legit?

guys, no, you’re confused - that’s tomorrow

" I am the beast  I am the light  I am the blighted being cursed with sight  I am the god  Who created a worldI am Leviathan the Girl.&#8221;

" I am the beast
  I am the light
  I am the blighted being cursed with sight
  I am the god
  Who created a world

I am Leviathan the Girl.”

Friday, April 18, 2014

Should I be concerned my family has given up on the whole “boyfriend” thing and has now moved onto the “baby” thing? 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Recovering from yet another art slump with a beat-down KK.Consider it a late 413 thing or a super early 612 thing  :)

Recovering from yet another art slump with a beat-down KK.

Consider it a late 413 thing or a super early 612 thing  :)

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